Flooring an Amouage

roadster1Amouages do not waste time when it comes to opening up.  Even more than Montales, and certainly more than Serge Lutens perfumes, they hit the road- that road being the Silk Road-at high speeds.  The trouble with all that acceleration,all that pick up, is their power.  Some of the Amouages are simply overwhelming.  They feel like one of those sports cars with way too much horsepower under the hood.  You can’t get the feel of the accelerator because every time you press down a centimeter or two, the car zooms half way to sixty, scares the lights out of you,  and you were just trying to back out of the driveway.  Amouage gets me like that. Yeah, I like a Maserati.  A lot, but do I think I can drive one credibly?

Um, no.

Last year I was given a pair of samples, Interlude for Man and Woman, and, they were simply uncontrollable.  There were totally incense fueled, and I couldn’t quite figure their engine capacities out.  How much mileage could I get out of one of these babies?  It turned out that I could get a lot.  I meant a LOT.  They were still running the next morning when I got up bleary eyed for a  coffee pit stop.  There was no way they were going to stall  while a single molecule of incense remained on my wrist.  It felt less like sampling a perfume than driving at a rally.  The Man one was completely and utterly too much power. Seriously, the torque on that formula would have suited a  Hummer. I had to just climb down out of the driver’s seat, and it felt like climbing down from a Monster Truck.

Interlude Woman was sleeker and smaller (thank heavens), but still overpowered, still with that insane acceleration rate. Driving it was a revelation in centrifigally challenging accelerations, hair pin curves, and how fast the crew  could get you back on track (thirty seconds).   I came away with a vague memory of iced tea and burning rubber, and that is all that I remember about that test run.

So after my scary experiences behind the wheels of Amouages, it’s nice to report that they also make luxury sedans, and that basically Beloved is one.  It was done by Bernard Ellena and most of the florals are in the beginning, some rose, some jasmine, some lavender, and then it is straight civet and incense and violet over more woods and incense, and basically, although it is called a floral it feels like a very comfortable and elegant woody floral.

I could drive this, I really could, and might even arrive at where ever it is that I intended on going. What I want to know is: does it come as a convertible?

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16 thoughts on “Flooring an Amouage

  1. Blacknall, I guess I have a natural inclination towards stronger fragrances and therefore Amouage has always been just up my alley. I agree they are quite forceful, but I like that. The only Amouage that I’ve found to be totally over the top for my tastes is Gold, their first.

    1. Probably I’ve just gotten used to today’s weak fragrances. With the Amouages you know you’re smelling better quality than a whole lot of things on the market. I hate to point fingers, but some premium brands are disappearing acts on skin, my most recent disappointment was a JO Malone that vanished in 1/2 an hour.
      This one, Beloved, was really lovely, and very wearable. Still looking out for the Opus VI you mentioned as being wonderful!

  2. Hello, I just found your blog, read the three latest pieces and think I got hooked 😉 This Amouage one was a hilarious read, I totally saw a little movie playing in front of my eyes :-)) Thanks!

    As to Amouage I have only tried one so far (a tiny drop of Opus VI) and can well relate to your experience! I will try more of them, though, when the time comes.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Took the liberty of removing one of your comments because it was duplicated. The function for comments is sort of slow here, unfortunately, and sometimes this happens.
      Glad you liked the post, I had fun, and sadly haven’t gotten to Opus VI yet. Michael has, and he thought it was excellent. I’m still getting over my experiences with the Interludes Man&Woman!

    1. Hi Lanier,
      Just was reading your review of Mitzah the other day, so I have to tell you how much I enjoyed that, and we have a mutual admiration society here. Am falling for Miss Mitzah which my Hub calls “Meatzah,Meatzah” because evidently the name reminds him of take out pizza. How does he get this from such an elegant piece of perfumery?

  3. Blacknall, it’s such a great review! I enjoyed your visuals.

    I like most of Amouage creations (Jubilation 25, Honour and Opus IV being the only exceptions) preferring feminine versions in their duos. With Interlude Woman my complaint was the absence of the tenacity to which I got used with other Amouages. Now I want to wear it again to see if it works differently. Interlude Man was very nice but a little too masculine to my liking: I have to test it on my vSO.

    1. Oh I thought the Interlude Man was seriously masculine, and I’ll usually wear masculines. Good luck with your vSO there. Mine wouldn’t get near it.
      Did really like Beloved, and that is a first with me and Amouages, but the bottles are like $450. Ouch! That’s twice what Guerlain LE’s cost.

      1. I liked Beloved as well but I like other, less expensive (relatively) Amouage perfumes more, so if I go for a FB it willbe something else and a decant of Beloved is enough for me for a while.

        1. Do you think it is a floral aldehyde? I smell a similarity to L’Aimant, more wood, richer, and more lift, but similar.

  4. How’d I miss this the other day?? Gaze is a 14-year-old boy, and every time we go somewhere he’s all DID YOU SEE THAT CAMARO? and NICE 250Z! and WOW, I’D LOVE TO DRIVE THAT SHELBY! Flooring it? Eep. (Three years ago he was moving the John Deere Gator out of the farm shop, but the pickup was in the way and he ran into it. Came into the house and told us, and The CEO was worried about the Gator, while I was worried about Gaze. As The CEO left the house to go check on the Gator, GAze looked up at me – and THAT’s another thing of the past, too, he’s taller than I am now – and said, “Hey, betcha never guessed I’d wreck a vehicle before I was 16.” It was dented, not wrecked, but still. Eep.)

    Amouages are hit-or-miss for me, but when they work there is nothing to beat them for luxury. Or individuality. Or, yeah, lasting power. I really love Memoir W. Ubar is great fun. Lyric W has become my classical-music-concert-attending default fragrance, because it is both luxurious and strangely meditative. Beloved I have not tried, largely because I think I would love it and my wallet would carry an enormous grudge.

    1. The teenaged boy love of cars sounds very familiar to me. Growing up my big bro LOVED cars with a passion – and Formula One racing – and since he had no brothers, passed on to me what little I know about cars. Have to say that to this day a good Porsche, or even a Mustang will catch my attention pretty fast.

      And btw, aren’t you scared out of your boots by the equation of 14 YO + Heavy Equipment? Doesn’t this = disaster? It often did in rural MD where I grew up.

      Beloved is the first Amouage I liked. You should have another one soon, tell me what you think if you haven’t tried it. This was the Iced Tea incense lash up to my nose, but it may behave better for you. Sigh. It probably will.

  5. I love the Maserati aspect of the Amouage fragrances that I’ve tried thus far, but then, I’m a little bit of your Evil Scent Twin. 😉 The thing with Amouage is that I haven’t found any that were true love out of the 4 or 5 that I’ve tried thus far, though Lyric Woman has come the closest.

    I was shocked to discover that I actively disliked Opus VI. That’s a lot from someone who adores Orientals, heavy ambers, and labdanum! But on me, my beloved labdanum turned absolutely goaty. To the point that I was actually envisioning the goats that used to be one means of procuring the substance. As for the rest of it? Eh…. I genuinely didn’t think it was special enough to warrant all the obeisance and hype. I guess that, by my standards for Orientals, it was too much of a sedan, and not luxury or unique enough. Hopefully, I’ll find my Ferrari soon enough or, even better, a RR Silver Phantom. 😉

    1. Agree with the not falling for it aspect of the Amouages. They are well made, but something about them is just a little too over-stated for me. Lyric is the rose one right? Maybe I could handle that, but so far, they’re seriously over torqued for me. Not that I want the equivalent of a Prius mind you!

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