The Manimalic

ManimalicYou may have thought you’d smelled it all, you may have thought that there was simply nothing else the perfume world could put over on you, but you would be wrong.  Certainly I was. A simple little sample from the natural perfumers Strange Invisible Perfumes threw me for a loop.

The sample was Tribute and it was supposed to be a panegyric to the great French perfumes of the past, in a completely unprocessed form, naturally. But whether it was supposed to smell like Bal a Versailles or not, it certainly reminded me of something I smelled a good deal, something everyday, something pervasive, something sort of pungent.  Now just what was it? It took me a whole ten minutes to figure it out.

Yes, Tribute was an almost holographic reconstruction of how my hubby smells.  Odd, no?

Now there are other perfumes out there that are in the business of reminding you of your better half, but none of them do it half so well. Kate Walsh‘s Boyfriend to cite one. Tribute in eau de parfum however was no approximation, it was spot on, startling in its accuracy.  You could go to the laundry hamper, pull out a worn shirt and check for yourself, as I believe I actually did, and yup, bingo, oh snap, the smell was strikingly similar.  It felt sort of eerie, actually.

So in writing about this perfume one thing we have to get straight right from the get go, is that it is about as fleshly as perfume gets, and that there is nothing whatever synthetic about this.  Tribute is much more upfront than say Absolue Pour le Soir,  and  is less strong but more convincing than the latest Micallef release, also a hairy palmed oriental, called Parfum Couture Denis Durand* a pile up of Animalis ( the base often found in feral scents), PC is strong, comes off as rather harsh, and is probably  better suited to men than women. The fragrance just doesn’t give off the warm sensuality of Tribute-at least not to me- but then I liked this smell enough to put a ring on it in the first place, so my impartiality about Tribute may be questionable.

However, let no one think that skank comes cheap. Absolue Pour le Soir retails at a hefty $US 185.00, Parfum Couture $US 190.00 a bottle, and Tribute makes them both look like bargains, coming in at a whopping $US 335.00 just for 1.7 oz of the eau de parfum. So you can certainly have your pheromone fest, but it is gonna cost you, baby.

By the way, I like Tribute very much, but since I have the original around, am not shelling out $US 335.00 anytime soon. As to the Absolue and Parfum Couture, I will pass.  When it comes to parfums de peau, you need a little subtlety, and a little elegance. CGI funk just won’t cut it.

*My sample was sent me by the company, and the bottle is very pretty, black lace over glass.

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6 thoughts on “The Manimalic

      • No. But both his parents were smokers, so all his clothes had this very faint tobacco smell. And he usually wore a leather jacket, too. His normal skin smell was quite sweet, with a nutmeggy sort of snickerdoodle-cookie whiff. Wouldn’t want him back under any circumstances, but GOOD LORD, did the guy smell awesome. (Srsly, the first time I smelled TA I just about fell over, and then spent the rest of the day feeling sort of guilty and sort of turned-on.)

        • Isn’t it odd how the wrong man, or boy, or boyfriend as the case may be, is usually sweet smelling? Is it Nature’s way of telling us, “Take off little lady, this one is not for you!” Probably. Nature is such a spoil sport.

    • Love a good animalic myself. This one though is maybe more for the guys than the gals, and I’m not usually a one to sex bottles. Absolutely loved the presentation which was beautiful.

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