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Orientals, Larks, and Owls

Old Man BeardIt is axiomatic that people fall into one or two categories in life and that they are selected for these categories by whether or not they are active before about eight a.m.  You are born either an owl (someone who is most alert in the evening and at night) or else a lark, (someone who correspondingly is most wide awake and productive in the morning).  Perhaps the reason is genetic, though all adolescents go through a period of time when they seem to be owls, no matter how they started out, and all small children, to their parents’ dismay, are larks. Continue reading


Iran_saffron_threadsOf all the threads in the tapestry you sense on spring winds, one strand keeps catching my attention: saffron.

It’s one of the world’s favorite spices and has been for so many centuries that it’s hardly worth counting them, but it is worth noting that the ancient Greeks are recorded as having a preference for saffron perfumes and for the scent of irises. Perhaps Aristophanes and Pericles would be Amouage customers if they were alive today. At the very least, I like to think that Aspasia would have worn Chanel, 28 La Pausa for preference. Continue reading

Imbibed Violets

yuckMy very first perfume was a violet scent.  It was a present from my father  for my seventh birthday, a green tinted liquid that came in a little bottle with a purple velvet ribbon around the neck.

I don’t actually recall that much about it besides the color and the fact that I put the bottle on my dressing table as a sort of trophy.  The dressing table was a rickety affair salvaged from my Grandmother’s house, and crowded with a changing cast of stuffed animals. Some short time after I received the perfume, my little sister paid it the ultimate toddler accolade.

She drank it.

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