Aspiration and Reality

In the time that I’ve been blogging, it suddenly came home to me that I had no list of perfumes I actually own and wear.  Many other bloggers disclose this rather basic information about themselves, and so I wonder if I should too? My list is sort of idiosyncratic really.

Here goes:

1)      Caron Bellodgia in vintage extract – alas, not much!
2)      Caron Poivre in extract
3)      Caron Narcisse Blanc in extract
4)      Guerlain Vetiver
5)      Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur
6)      Coty Emeraude in edt
7)      Guerlain Philtre d’Amour
8)      Meg of Parfumieren and I own shares in L’Origan in vintage extract and L’Aimant
9)      Cologne Sologne (PdN)
10)    Gardenia Petale

As you can see, I am really not a great wearer of orientals, as advertised, and am also quite comfortable crossing the aisle at Sephora and elsewhere.  This is because I’ve noticed that what is born as a boy perfume (Dior Homme, for instance) often turns up later as an adorable little girl perfume with a big pink bow on its bottle (Shalimar Parfum Initial, for instance) which are essentially the same perfume, just in case you hadn’t noticed.

The two orientals I do wear are either sort of green or sort of fiery, and I have to admit to a great fondness for pepper perfumes in general.  I really wanted to buy Mark Buxton’s Cologne Noire from Van Cleef et Arpels, but there was something non-peppery and too synthetic in the end of it, and so the impulse passed.

I like to buy something new every year for summer and I have no idea what it will be this year.  In other years I have worn some pretty strange summer perfumes: Bois et Chocolat (DSH) and Hippie Chic (DSH) Anne Pliska for one whole summer, Nahema (that was an odd summer), Neroli (Annick Goutal) and Love Coco when it came out. Also Briar Rose (Ineke Ruhland) last summer. This summer maybe I will wear something Italian.

Oh, and I quite forgot to mention I also wear my preferred staple, JR Watkins hand creme in lemon, which may be all I can afford to buy next year. Also I make my Jersey lavender vinegar which I honest to goodness do actually stew in my kitchen in gallon containers full of white vinegar and my lavender.  It turns the vinegar phosphorescent pink, but is lovely in baths.

Anyway, full disclosure and truth in advertising here, I wear nothing particularly trendy. No Malles, no Smell Bents, and I find the Etat Libre d’Oranges to be all talk and no trousers so far, though I have only tried two, and haven’t bought any.  At this point, there are not any Lutens in my line up either, possibly because I haven’t yet found any that I like enough to keep around.  Maybe Vetiver Oriental?

What’s in your wallet?


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13 thoughts on “Aspiration and Reality

  1. You’ve got good taste! I’m with you in not wearing anything trendy. I’ve sniffed some of the newer offerings, but for the most part they do not impress me. Nor to I think the Lutens and Malles lines are all that. If pressed to name favorites, here are some:
    Leathers – Bandit, Bal a Versailles, Habanita
    The dreaded Orientals! – L’Heure Bleue, Shalimar, vintage Emeraude, Dune
    Animalics – vintage Moon Drops, Mariella Burani
    White florals – Chanel No. 22, Anais Anais, Lou Lou
    Other florals – Aimez-Moi, Montaigne, Diorissimo
    Aldehydes – Chanel No. 5, Champs-Elysees, Champagne

    OK, I went over 10!

    1. Your taste isn’t too bad either. Two you mention there have me intrigued because I’ve never smelled them, or don’t remember them well, namely Moon Drops and Mariella Burani.
      The MB was popular around the turn of the century, but I never smelled it carefully, and missed the whole animalic quality-which is a shame- because good animalics aren’t all that common. Have to smell it again.
      As to the dreaded orientals, well, even I wear Emeraude!

      1. Mariella Burani is a many-layered fragrance, and I find there’s a good dose of skank in the drydown, which I love. Your mileage may vary. I’d be interested in knowing if others perceive it as well.

        1. Wonder if they do? It’s got musk in there, apparently, so should have some thing warm and furry going on. Love the bottle, so romantic.

  2. “All talk and no trousers” totally sums up the Etat Libre oeuvre… and the Smell Bents not only don’t wear trousers, but shun the tighty-whiteys and all other garments as well. Ah me. You know what they say: “No shirt, no shoes, no service”….

    Very happy to have shared parental custody of the Cotys with you. Are we bringing them up, or are they bringing us up? 🙂

    1. Have been negotiating a swap with another blogger who has lots of Etats, so then I may get to the bottom of the house. They seem to have ideas, but do they really carry them all the way through? Bendelrious which I smelled- where else- but Bendel’s was a charmer. Cherry soda, Mick Jagger’s favorite flavor “Cherry Red” in fact, and so I keep hoping that they will do something genuinely odd.

      No underpants does not put me off. Joy, which Mals calls ho panties, mostly reels me in with l’essence de ho panty, which I’m guessing is civet. But are the SBs merely stinkers or are they thinkers?

      And yes, the Coty’s are bringing me up, or raising my standards, just like good parents. When I think that things have just gotten too synthetic or too fussy or too…subverted, I go put on L’Origan or Emeraude, and the world is right way up again.

  3. Nice to “meet” you, Blacknall! 🙂 Now you need to give a permanent link to this post or make it into a page.

    You mentioned that youbought Briar Rose for the last summer but you didn’t list it among your bottles. Does it mean that you’ve finished it?

    1. Fair enough, and I should try to be as efficient about this as you are and keep the page updated! But I wonder if I can be that organized?
      Yes, did just about finish up Briar Rose. I have a trick of scenting Epsom salts with whatever I’m currently wearing so that I can wear it “to bed”, and that does go through bottles. Also mix it into body lotion, which does ditto.

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