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Twelve Smells of Christmas – Day Two: The Smell of Falling Snow

The smell of snow is one of the most ethereal smells on earth.  It’s very difficult to catch, being essentially frozen water and ozone, and I can’t think of  many perfumes that even try.  Of course, one famous house did … Continue reading

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Twelve Smells of Christmas – Day One

It would have been nice to align the twelve smells of Christmas (or any other winter holiday you celebrate) with the items listed in the old carol.  But I can’t think what partridges in pear trees smell like – other … Continue reading

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Prince of Cats

Treat or claw, Smell my paw, Give me something Good to gnaw! (my daughter’s verse composed for Trick or Treating Cats) You may have read that oakmoss, that dark extract that lends Chypres their  swarthy good looks is on its … Continue reading

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That’s Another Fine Bottle You’ve Gotten Me Into

To misquote the immortal Oliver Hardy, who was generally accusing his comedy partner Stan Laurel of being the prime instigator of their continual disasters.  With me, it’s my brain. Why? Because my Brain thinks it’s intelligent. The Brain thinks it’s … Continue reading

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My daughter likes to claim that she is a Nutmegger, that is, a native of Connecticut.  I don’t like to tell her the origin of the state nickname.  It’s actually a folk memory of the local cottage industry in the … Continue reading

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A Minuet for Mignonette

If you’ve ever cruised through the Wrightsman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you notice one thing at once. The colors are different, different from 21st century Pantone shades, strikingly so. I used to think, because of age and … Continue reading

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The flawless green perfume is something that I keep looking for year after year.  In a perfect world, there would be one fabulous, gem like scent a year to ooh and ahh over, but in this cold world of hot … Continue reading

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Music for Mosquitoes

Some perfumes are simply aimed at a very high note on the scale of smell.  They are in the citrus, aldehyde, or floral ranges, nothing else can stretch that far.  I mean, even standing on its tippy-tip toes, an oriental … Continue reading

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Count Alfred D’Orsay and the Elusiveness of…..

The one difficulty in Brideshead Revisited (okay, there are a lot of difficulties in Brideshead Revisited, but I’m only interested in one of them) is the question Sebastian Flyte’s charm. We are assured that he has it, repeatedly, but  somehow … Continue reading

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A Meeting of Roses

Smells can convey so many things that sometimes it surprises me.  Take my recent testing of about five rose fragrances: Tom Ford’s Café Rose, Ineke Ruhland’s Briar Rose , Chloe, the new release from One Dozen Roses Amber Queen, and … Continue reading

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