The series about those scents so impossibly expensive that only the few, the financially unchallenged, and the totally mad would actually purchase them continues.  Today’s choice is Stoned, the perfume put out by the British jeweler, Solange Azagury Partridge . It retails for $US 285.00 for 50 mls and comes in a red glass bottle with a tiny little Buddha perched on the top.

What it smells like is Habanita. Well, it does!  Only I suspect that the Habanita referenced is not the Habanita that can be purchased these days.  This version has ingested more patchouli than is strictly healthy for it and mixed it with a double shot of simple syrup so as to call Angel to mind, and is ultra sweet.  It is also powdery and tends to be more than a little bit blurred about the edges.  In this case that merely means that it’s properly named.  This is definitely for those evenings when the ingestion of mood altering substances is on the program.  Not that this perfume would get with a program, twelve step or otherwise.

Who would be the perfect muse? Marianne Faithfull, of course!

If you were born after 1980 and are a little shaky on your sixties pop culture references, then check here for a few photos of La Faithfull back in the day .  She was the beautiful butterfly of As Tears Go By who nearly overdosed while still in her twenties before going on to become the Queen of the Underground with such hits as “Dreaming My Dreams” and “Why’d Ya Do It?”.

Such vicissitudes are an occupational hazard of haute bohemians, and in those days everybody experimented with something and everyone wanted to be bohemian, haute or otherwise.  Stoned would have suited her, although in these latter days it is probably more likely to be worn either by Haute Bohemian aspirants (that is, anyone who wears too much Michael Kors) or the Edina Monsoons of this world, of whom, I am firmly convinced, a few remain semi-conscious and operational in the worlds of fashion and advertising.

For the rest of us, Stoned remains out of reach as it is a perfume that tells the world you are far too rich to stay sober.  The Accountants, Swiss bankers, House Keepers, Dog Walkers, and even the Physical Trainers can manage anything that requires sentience on their own.  After all, that’s what you pay them for.

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