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Queen Marie of Roumania and the Ghost of a Scent

“Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, A medley of extemporanea, And love is a thing that can never go wrong, And I am Marie of Roumania.” Dorothy Parker One of the backstage tools for this blog lets us … Continue reading

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Aztec Two-step

Cortez was the first European to notice the vanilla orchid.  Apparently, while he was otherwise occupied with the conquest of Mexico, he spotted one out of the corner of his eye. He also found out about the local brew in … Continue reading

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Forest Floorlevel

It has not escaped the attention of certain perfumers that a lot of the public likes the smell of dirt.  We tend to like it instinctively, e.g.  my daughter and her friends and our cellar, and often gravitate to “something … Continue reading

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RIP Jean Laporte

Once upon a time there were no niches in the perfume market. There were celebrity fragrances, which have never ceased coming into existence or amazing me  (rarely in a good way), there were the big makers, and there were fashion … Continue reading

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Another Day in Deauville

Sometimes you just feel like an idiot.  Maybe I do more often than the generality of mankind, but anyway yesterday was one of those moments, when your id starts calling your ego names and you feel like a bystander at … Continue reading

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Drier Than a Dirtbath in Dallas

It’s not the sort of description that you find often. Perfume is supposed to smell sweet, or floral, or spicy, or woody. But dry? Hmm…. The dryness of perfume, however, is sometimes a great selling point. Consider Hermes best selling … Continue reading

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Sometimes perfume houses get on the wrong sides of critics.  For reasons that aren’t entirely obvious, this seems to have happened with the house of Creed.  I’ve read some truly vituperative reviews of Creed scents on perfume sites.  It was … Continue reading

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Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

When Alexander McQueen made his untimely exit from this world, there was an unprecedented amount of recognition for his legacy.  Here, said the fashion world, is the empty shell of genius with nothing left but a calciferous structure lined in … Continue reading

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A Moon for the Impecunious

Since I have started a series on stratospherically priced perfumes, I feel an obligation to examine an equal number of inexpensive ones.  Although the gap between expensive and inexpensive is growing these days, it’s still not hard to come up … Continue reading

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