Summer in Amber

A large number of niche firms have probably constructed whole business plans on  a foundation of amber.  The big sellers at I Profumi di Firenze, Serge Lutens and Maitre Parfumier et Gantier, are all ambers.  We just love them.  They smell gourmand, but not specifically so.  They are unctuous but not stickily so. They are warm, but not stifling.

Well, actually, maybe we’d better back edit that statement.  In summer, ambers can be stifling.

I have a good deal of sympathy for the lovers of amber because I love it too, and hate the business of shelving a favorite note just because it’s hot outside.  What to do?  There’s always the AC, but for the fact that- like animals- I don’t trust AC. It feels like a meteorological swindle.  So chez Allen we use it when we must (say, 95° F, 35° C) and try to forget about it the rest of the time.

This still leaves the problem – is amber out of bounds until September?

I have got a partial solution, one that works for me and may work for others.  It goes like this: Youth Dew Amber Nude, Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily or Anne Pliska.

Unfortunately the Youth Dew Amber is discontinued, but you can still find it on the internet. It is a genuinely light amber that is possible to wear year round.  If you like ambers to the point of addiction, this is your methadone.

If you like an amber that has a light coconut note to it, adding a bit of tropicality to the scent, I’d recommend the Malone.  The Malone is also lasting.  Seriously lasting. This stuff hangs around with the persistence of a stalker. Definitely a case of Try Before You Buy.

Last, but definitely not least, is Anne Pliska, which loves hot weather.  It smells cold.  It smells, not to put a fine point on it, like a creamsicle root beer float.

If you think that sounds unsubtle, then bingo!  You win.  It is.  Who cares?  It is the best thing for hot humid weather since vodka in the freezer.

That’s my two cents.  Does anyone else have a stratagem for the potentially amberless dog days?

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