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The Modular Perfume

Ever have the feeling that you’ve smelled something before?  Not the oh-I-recognize-this feeling,  no,  I’m referring to the quotation of passages from already existing perfumes. Take the case of 31 Rue Cambon from the Chanel Exclusifs line.  The scent quoted … Continue reading

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The Tenth

Sometimes a me-too perfume turns out to be as interesting as the perfume it was playing catch-up with. The various attempts to compete with Chanel’s blockbuster are a case in point. Competitors made various efforts to produce an echo success … Continue reading

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A Verdian Opacity

Green fragrances as I’ve had occasion to remark before are not easy to wear.  This probably explains why it is that they have a very uneven track record with the public.  Something there is that doesn’t love a Green, and … Continue reading

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A Vial Full of Dust

For some years now, the historically curious have been following the work of German science as it went about deciphering the remains of a perfume vial that once belonged to the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.  The story has all the best … Continue reading

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The Smell of a Big Idea

What does brilliance smell of?  A recent piece by Neal Gabler in the NYTimes  brought up the trivialization of U.S. thought.  We seem to have been miniaturized by each SUV, each McMansion, each vacation at Disney World, until we’ve become … Continue reading

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Not the name of a beautiful Italian girl as you may have thought, but the name of a  humble plant whose branches dried and lashed around stout sticks used to sweep out kitchens and yards.  We’re talking about Broom. Spanish … Continue reading

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Rich as Sin

The title is a little dramatic and I’m not encouraging anyone to go and buy perfumes that cost more than $US 200 per 50 mls. But let’s amuse ourselves for a while and assume that money is no object.  If … Continue reading

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Summer in Amber

A large number of niche firms have probably constructed whole business plans on  a foundation of amber.  The big sellers at I Profumi di Firenze, Serge Lutens and Maitre Parfumier et Gantier, are all ambers.  We just love them.  They … Continue reading

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Perfume: The Series

In case you missed this brilliant documentary done by BBC 4, it can now be seen on Youtube. The series is really everything a documentary should be – highly informative,  very engaging, and, not least of all, beautifully photographed.   It … Continue reading

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The Cranky White Flowered Perfume

  It’s axiomatic that flower perfumes sell.  No matter what else happens in the strange, smelly world of perfume, you know that the public will always love white flowered numbers.  There’s no point in asking why.  Maybe women understand instinctively … Continue reading

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