The Late Spring List

Everyone dearly loves a list, don’t they?  Perhaps it’s the unconquered territory of our OCD calling to us across the barren wastes of common sense, but for whatever reason, we all love lists.  Here are some recommendations for that period of time when it’s just past Memorial Day and you need to remember Spring before it is gone and anticipate summer just a little.

1)      Rose Pivoine, Parfums de Nicolai

A fragrance that is brisk enough to prise you out of bed on those days when you still have to get the kids to the bus stop, band practice, etc. at the crack of dawn.  It is a bracing floral which dries down to relative softness.

2)      Patchoulissime, Keiko Mecheri

A good earthy but not offensive or heavy patchouli that could even go to the office.  It is the sort of fragrance that is completely wearable by men or women and is less gourmand and heavy than say, Coromandel; pleasant in the heat, and elegantly unobtrusive.

3)      Privet Bloom, Hampton Sun

This is a sort of modern muguet but it is without the funeral wreaths piled on top of Diorissimo.  It’s just very pretty, rather linear, easy to wear and has good lasting power. Also it is not at all expensive, I’m not suggesting one of those three hundred dollar things here.  It was once the scent for the line’s sun protection products.

4)      So Pretty Eau Fruitee, Cartier

This one is not available except here and there on line and should by this time be quite reasonable.  As fruity florals go, this is a relatively sophisticated one, and as with its parent fragrance, it actually has a rather dry coda.  You can wear it and not expire in heat and it is rosy and charming for early June and late May.

5)      Celadon, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

This is one of those rare green perfumes that are actually wearable.  It bears some similarities to Gaubin Daude’s Seve Exquise but as that doesn’t exist anymore, this is your next best option.  It is nothing like the old Estee Lauder of the same name.  The overall impression is of light velvety green-ness and yet of citric freshness.  This is one green fragrance not overpowered by acidity, and once again, a perfectly fine choice for men.





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