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The Summer Subset

When it comes to perfume houses, I am not a mixer and a matcher.  I am instead one of those stubborn folks who like to have several perfumes in the same style.  It’s grounding.  You know where you are with … Continue reading

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The Demanding Floral

And you thought they were easy.  Actually, florals are hard.  Natural florals  are somewhat easier to wear on skin since naturally derived oils have a built in molecular complexity that is more skin friendly than most synths.  Too many naturals, … Continue reading

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Hawthorns I Have Known

Aka crataegus, and as a species, rather small dense trees, native to North America, alternate leaved, armed with fierce thorns and prone – in New England, anyway – to fire blight.  I‘ve never grown them and have never wished for … Continue reading

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The Bee’s Eye View

Once upon a time, as a matter of fact quite some considerable time ago, Guts and I lived in Vermont.  I almost said that we inhabited it because then the state actually contained more cows than humans then. As you … Continue reading

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This Bud’s For You

Perfumes ought to be devoid of gender.  I say they ought to be, but as a practical matter they’re not.   One perfumer, however, has gone a long way towards changing people’s opinions of what is masculine and what is feminine … Continue reading

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The Late Spring List

Everyone dearly loves a list, don’t they?  Perhaps it’s the unconquered territory of our OCD calling to us across the barren wastes of common sense, but for whatever reason, we all love lists.  Here are some recommendations for that period … Continue reading

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The Still Room

None of us have one anymore, that is, unless we are serious throwbacks or Martha Stewart wannabes.  I don’t either, but will still go out and harvest lavender in June.  I was hard at it this morning with the secateurs, … Continue reading

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Sickly Children

If you live around the Mediterranean, you’re used to seeing mimosa everywhere in spring.  It is the first warm weather indicator: buckets of yellow fuzzballs crowding around the cankles of the flower sellers, some years as early as February.  Because … Continue reading

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